Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jam, sort of.

When Little Moo refused all attempts to get her to eat nut butters (even super-delicious toasted cashew and pecan butter - go figure,) I'd all but given up, until she requested "jam." I think the sitter keeps it around and maybe Little Moo got a taste. Who wouldn't like a super-sweet sugar-filled mouthful of something that isn't really fruit but claims it is? Not me. But Little Moo now has "jam" on her mind and let me know.

So one morning I dropped her off at school, dashed down to the co-op, bought our weekly groceries, carted them home, and in my last hour of freedom, while I put them away and made myself something to eat, I dumped one bag of frozen organic blueberries and one of raspberries into the blender with some coconut milk kefir. Then I blended the heck out of them for longer than I probably should have, because I was multitasking. I scooped the delectable treat that came out into a jar (and put the overflow into a nice little bowl, 'cause, really, what resulted was a kind of berry sorbet and I couldn't resist) and left it all day and overnight to ferment.

The next morning I presented Little Moo with a "nut butter and jam sandwich," which she wolfed down with wide eyes and a face full of nut-buttery purple goo after.

Heh. No sugar. Only fruit and a bit of coconut with some kefir-y goodness.

So, no recipe today, only a nice idea. Try it out...I think any fruit would work. And if you like the sorbet idea, that's a lovely treat, too if you start with frozen fruit.