Saturday, July 19, 2008

Green Burgers: how to get a toddler to eat her vegetables

When my daughter decided that greenness meant "not food" I decided to get serious about getting greens into her somehow. The answer? She's a diehard carnivore. We follow Weston A. Price's general guidelines (although we're gluten and dairy free), so we eat as much grass-fed meat and pastured eggs as we can afford. The fattier and more flavorful meat is, the more she likes it. So...

Green Burgers:

1 lb pastured ground lamb
1 lb pastured ground beef
1 bunch of the greens of your choice (we enjoyed kale, chard and mustard greens)


1 package of organic frozen spinach
Sea salt to taste

Gently steam the greens and puree well.

Mix the ground beef together with the lamb and mix the vegetable puree through it well. Form into slightly flattened balls and line a pan with them.

Broil until the interior is 140 degrees F. I like to use a low temp for broiling since we have an awful wacky electric oven that burns everything and I like to cook at lower temps anyway to keep in the nutrients. I keep the temperature setting at 350, cook for about 15 minutes or so and turn once.

Serve with rice or rice pasta and home made sauerkraut or fermented veggies. Save the fat from the burgers, which has a nice green color and the water from the steamed greens. The steaming water makes a nice addition to bone broth. The tallow is delicious for frying eggs the next day or to add to soups.

Which is another thing...DD will also eat nearly any vegetable that has been fermented. To date, that includes: beets, cucumbers, cabbage, daikon, red radish and yellow summer squash. She refused the bok choy. I thought that was perfectly fine considering at this point she now eats greens at least once a day and was downing a fine combination of pickled beets and sauerkraut that night.

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