Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Treatment for Excema

This is from a combination of experience with nutrition and our pediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song, who in very simple terms...ROCKS.

My daughter, like me and her daddy, has excema. I have had it for my entire life and have treated it with a combination of cortisone cream and coping.

A while back, I discovered cod liver oil. My skin is clear, for the most part, for the first time in my life. I take two tablespoons full a day.

For our daughter, we started to add 1/8th teaspoon of lemon-flavored Nordic Natural CLA to her morning rice with sea salt and she gobbles it up. That, in and of itself helped. Then we used Dr. Song's recipe for salve and gave her long evening soaks in warm baths with 2 cups herbal-strength chamomile tea (steep a full tablespoon at least in a mason jar of hot but not boiling filtered water for 20 minutes minimum). The rash went away in two days. That's after over a month of awful rash and no improvement no matter what we tried.

Excema Salve ala Dr. Song

1 quarter-sized dollop of pure, organic, unadulterated shea butter
1 capsule of Evening Primrose Oil

Blend in your hand until the shea butter is smooth and the oil is completely mixed in.
It's possible to make a little jar of it to keep around, too.

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